The Milwaukee Bucket List

If you loved my book about Milwaukee Parks, you will  enjoy reading my latest book about "all things Milwaukee!"  This book takes you to the core of what Milwaukee has become by recommending 101 very different adventures.  You will explore the city and its eclectic neighborhoods, learn about its history, have fun experiencing theater and art.  You'll never be thinking there is nothing to do.

Foodies will love the local recommendations for tasting chocolate, finding locally roasted coffee, and trying ethnic restaurants.  It also includes suggestions for markets, grocers, and brewery tours.  You'll learn where to find the best fish fry, brunch, and bakeries.

I've included some fun quirky adventures that will help you find the Polka escalator, swing park, and the biggest staircase around.  You can find a tour that includes haunted tales while riding a 7-person bike!  And did you know there's a rooftop garden on the top of one of our hospitals that allow you amazing views of the Menomonee valley and cityscape?

Each item is followed by a short description of the adventure and then how you can do it.  In many cases, there are several options or places where you can go.  I've tried to accommodate a wide variety of interests.

There's plenty for outdoor lovers too.  Go fishing.  Kayak the rivers. Fly a kite. Bike along the waterfront.  Get a passport and check out the Oak Leaf Trail.  No matter what your preference, there's something for you.  You'll get to know Milwaukee as you check off your own bucket list!

Also included at the end of the book are lists by neighborhood and suggestions for date night, free activities, and what to do with your visiting mother-in-law.  You'll also find some apps I use on my smartphone to get the most out of Milwaukee.  I believe the book will make a great gift for locals and visitors alike!

The book is available all the local bookstores and can also be purchased at Amazon.  If you purchase the paper copy at Amazon, you get the kindle version for free, which makes all the website links in the book go live.

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