Friday, August 4, 2017

Going Back to Hoyt Pool

Recently I visited Hoyt Pool with Dawn St. George, the new Executive Director of Park People of Milwaukee County. This was especially endearing because Dawn grew up in Wauwatosa and had fond memories of her summer days spent at the pool.  We met with Kit and Michael who head up operations at Hoyt Park, and they gave us a tour and historic overview.
Plenty of bike parking between the nicely landscaped beds

The pool also has a sandy beach for kids to play
The pool is in a county park, but funding is raised by the Friends of Hoyt Park and Pool who manage all aspects of it- maintenance, landscaping, entertainment, and food.  It's an interesting relationship that may become more common as the county budget for parks is stretched further each year. It certainly is successful here. Most of the money comes from pool season memberships and revenue raised by purchases made at Hoyt Landing- the beer garden. The Friends group also partners with the local park & rec department to offer swim lessons and other classes. Members get exclusive access to events held at the park.

The history of Hoyt Pool is outlined in detail. It's a story of a community coming together to rescue a pool that had been closed.  They raised funds to completely renovate the property and signed a 55 year lease in 2007, which ensured local residents would continue to enjoy the watering hole and activities held there.  It's a gathering place for friends, dogs, families, and sometimes even tourists looking for a fun place to get a drink in the great outdoors.

Have you been?  There's still plenty of summer left.  Refresh yourself in the water or stop by for some high quality local entertainment.  Here's the calendar for the Landing. Wednesday through Sunday, the beer garden is open. Try the pizza, enormous pretzels, or even a brat from SA Braii. Here's the full menu. The Landing will be open through late October.

While you're there, check out the historic bridge over the river. You have probably seen it in many instagram photos. Why not add your selfie and tag the park? We'd love to see your photo!

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