Thursday, April 20, 2017

Community Gardens and Rental Plots in Milwaukee 2017

Do you have a green thumb but no place to grow food?  It's becoming easier each year.  There are so many options for having beds installed in your own space, sharing in a community garden, or renting a plot for the season.  If you think you'd like to do this, here's a few places to go for more information.

Milwaukee Urban Gardens now has more than 70 plots around the city, all of which are shown at their website on an interactive map.  Find your house on the map and you'll see what's close to you. It's a network of community gardens. You can use their land, as long as you have no intention of selling your produce.  They also have classes and announce grants and opportunities to "grow" your garden skills, if you follow them on Facebook. They will be rolling out a new website this summer, so if the link doesn't work, go to the facebook page.

Alice's Garden is a large community garden where you can rent plots and join in for pot lucks, labyrinth walks, and social gatherings. Follow the Facebook page to find out more about events and get gardening tips.
Labyrinth at Alice's Garden
University Extension rents garden plots.  There are plots available throughout the county. Gardens  won't open up until the third week of May, though you can request one from April 15. Complete a request form to see if you are able to use their spaces.  Fees vary depending on the garden size.

Whitefish Bay has a shared garden plot at the high school.  You help in the garden, pay a fee and share in the harvest bounty.  For a membership form, see the Whitefish Bay Community Garden Facebook page. 

The Urban Ecology Centers offer garden plots and classes at Riverside Park and Menomonee Valley branches.  Maybe you've seen some of the plots if you've biked along the Oak Leaf trail.

There are several gardens at Havenwoods State Forest.  Some are designed with kids in mind.  Others  are available for rent through the UW Extension office.  Go to the link for more information on what is available.

Do you have space for a raised bed in your yard?  Victory Garden initiative continues to build momentum in the Milwaukee area. Even front yards are being used.  With a motto like "Move grass. Grow Food" they can help you get started. I had one installed in my back yard a few years ago and have volunteered with the blitz teams.  It's a great way to meet people, if you're looking for a way to get more involved. They also rent beds.  For more information, visit this link.
Concordia Gardens

Interested in volunteering at Growing Power, our urban farm, which includes livestock, tilapia, and micro greens?  You might find you enjoy meeting others while getting your hands dirty.
Inside Growing Power's greenhouse

Maybe you want to know about composting and have access to some good compost for your own garden?  Check out Kompost Kids, Inc.

Have I missed a garden?  Please let me know in the comments.
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