Friday, September 23, 2016

Wave Action in Stormy Weather

Who would have thought there was surfing on Lake Michigan?  I didn't know about that until I lived here for several years and realized that when the weather gets bad, the surfers take to the beaches of Milwaukee.  For the past two Fridays, there have been large enough waves that both Bradford Beach and Atwater Beach were full of kite boarders and surfers.  Though it's not Hawaii or California, there are waves large enough to get a small ride, and they make the best of it.

Not a sight you see every day in the midwest

The toughest part of the sport may be just getting your board to the beach.  Now that all the beaches have ramps, it makes it easier, but a surfer has to be in good shape. You may also see surfers at other beaches, though Big Bay/Buckley Park does not allow any watercraft, which would include a board.
One surfer catches a wave at Bradford
Surfers at Atwater
The kiteboarders seemed to be having a great time in spite of huge gusts that sometimes carried them high into the air.  It sure looked like fun. Next time you see bad weather in the forecast, you might want to check out the beaches to see if the most adventurous boarders are out enjoying the day.
Kiteboarder at Bradford

Even a paddle boarder 

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