Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Villa Terrace Renaissance Garden

If you're willing to pay $5-7 (they discount for military, seniors, and students), Villa Terrace is a great place to see a beautiful garden and get some serious exercise. Known for its beautiful Neptune gate and water stairway, which are seen from Lincoln Memorial Drive, it's a home that was turned into a museum.Though I always enjoy seeing the current art on display, I enjoy the garden even more.
Beautiful lily pads

Neptune gate crafted by local craftsmen

Water cascades down the stairway

Take a look at the stone floor as you enter the courtyard at the front of the museum. Each stone was collected by the children who lived here when it was built.  They would walk to the beach and carry back stones which were arranged in patterns with the plants and statue you see here today. This was obviously long before the arrival of technology which keeps kids inside much more frequently now. I love it.
Stones from the nearby beach

A courtyard similar to those seen in Italy

The Renaissance garden requires volunteers to keep it looking so good, so if you have some free time to spare and enjoy being outdoors doing gardening a few times a year, consider volunteering here. I was here to get some exercise, so I went up/down the stairs a few times...with numerous pauses to reflect on the beauty. Actually I just had to catch my breath and try to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest. It's a good workout. There used to be a working elevator chair, but it's been out of order for some time.
Elevator doesn't work 

Some challenging steps
Every Sunday at 8:30, June through October there's yoga on the terrace. For a suggested $10 donation, join one of the rotating teachers for a good workout.  Some are themed, so check the calendar. This runs through October 30. You don't have to be an expert, just be willing to try. All levels are welcome, rain or shine.

Cafe Sopra Mare begins their winter schedule of monthly classical music on October 2 at 10 AM, with coffee and treats available for purchase. The music is free. This can get quite crowded, and I've found it's best enjoyed in adult company.  Why not check out one of these monthly concerts and see the grounds at the same time? I believe Fall is a great time to enjoy the gardens. It won't be long and all the trees will be turning color.
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