Monday, September 12, 2016

Logging some Laps at a Lagoon

What a glorious day it was yesterday!  I know lots of people made time for the outdoors. Some even went to street parties to watch the Packer game on big screens. I headed over to Estabrook Park and did some laps around the very small lagoon.
Estabrook Park Lagoon
This is always a good option when you want to listen to a podcast or some music. You can't get lost or run into anyone when you're doing a circuit.  My son, Omar, came with me so he put on his headphones and did a few laps too.
Easy paved trail
Most know Estabrook for the disc golf, skateboard park, or the incredibly popular Biergarten. That's all on the other side of the park near the river. The lagoon is tucked away across from the dog park. It's only .2 miles, so it's one of the smaller lagoons.  You can find out the length of the trails around the park lagoons in two places.  There's a list at Milwaukee Health Department with some of the lagoons and malls too. You can also click on the Milwaukee County Parks site and find your park.  At the bottom of the individual park maps is the distance of the lagoon trail.

During the peak of summer and even on some fall weekends when the Biergarten has live entertainment, parking can be hard to find at Estabrook, so I'll tell you a little secret. You can park outside the park and walk through a trail under the Oak Leaf Trail bridge.  This entrance is by Wilson & Diversey Blvd. The trail brings you out right at the lagoon. We went in this way, and noticed the graffiti on the wall of the bridge.
Go underneath the Oak Leaf Trail

As you walk around the lagoon at Estabrook, be sure to look out for the turtles, heron, ducks and even goldfish in the pond.  A few years ago I noticed there were large koi fish- bright orange. It's such an oddity. Then we had a deep freeze two years ago and the koi were gone last year.  This year, there are thousands of much smaller goldfish. You will likely see orange clouds of fish in the water. There are really that many. Now that you've had your walk, you've earned a drink over at the Biergarten.
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