Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hiking Mangan Woods

There's a mature woods, set between Whitnall Park and The Rock, that I had heard about but didn't know how to find.  Eddee Daniel of the Urban Wilderness Blog wrote about it in Spring. Eddee has some great blogs about nature and what you can find if you venture outdoors in Milwaukee county. I enjoy reading his posts, and know you will too. He's an artist and author, who uses his photography to make some great books. He offered to take me through Mangan Woods for a short hike this week. What a relaxing, beautiful forest it is.

Eddee standing next to one of the large trees- so big!
He drove and we parked near the golf course. Open the Whitnall Park link above, and you'll see the map with an arrow to Ross Lodge.  That's where the trailhead will be. There are no facilities here, so you'll want to bring water and use restrooms before you arrive. The hike is easy terrain and makes a loop so it would be difficult to get lost. This is one of the trails shown on the Park People list, so if hiking is something you enjoy, check it out to find more options.
Here's a map of the trails posted near the parking lot and also on the Park People website
For mountain biking, there are a couple additional trails in parks.  The Rock closed its downhill bike park last year, in spite of achieving fame outside the region for having the best gravity bike park. You could ride the lift to the top and take the trails down. It just never caught on here with locals to a point where they could make money at it. The hill is still there, but it's not open for business until it snows.
The trails are for bicycling too. Look for the signs.
In just a few short weeks, the woods here and all over the county parks will be full of color.  Keep this hike in mind for then, or try some of these Fall hikes I wrote about a few years ago. If you can go to the Rock's umbrella bar area, they have a great view of the surrounding woods and it is amazing with the right weather.
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