Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Apples, Pumpkins, and Fall Adventure

Every year I like to explore some outdoor places near Milwaukee in Fall. A few years I've done the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive. That's always a good choice when color is at peak since it has many places to climb towers, hike around lakes, and enjoy the trees surrounding the roadway. Holy Hill is another place I've visited.  It's fun to climb the tower and look out at the surrounding area which can be full of color in October. Last year I went to Kenosha's parks and pumpkin farm. This year it was Colgate.

Now some of you may not even have heard of this rural town, northwest of Milwaukee, but it's worth a visit.  I'll guarantee you a day of fun in the outdoors. Our first stop was at an organic apple orchard, which is only open on weekends, Peck & Bushel. Be sure to check the link to find out what variety of apple is available and to see hours for the weekend you plan to visit.  You don't have to pick your own apples.  Next to the field where you park is a building full of apples already picked, as well as juice, honey, and some other products. The price seemed to be the same for "picked" or "pick your own." You purchase a bag and walk the short trail through the woods to the orchard where you'll find trees planted by varieties.

The trees that are not pickable will be roped off. It only took a few minutes to pick our own.  If you've never picked organic apples, you may be surprised that the apples do not resemble those you find in the supermarket.  Many are misshapen, discolored, or spotted. Don't be alarmed.  These are better for you and look prettier once you've washed them at home. We make our own apple juice and these came out tasty as juice. The apple experts are on hand to advise you about which varieties are better for cooking vs. eating.

From the orchard, we drove to Monches Farm.  This is combination gift shop, pumpkin farm (in fall), and nursery. We bought some squash and pumpkins for cooking, and even picked up a few gifts in the shop which has a wide selection of very cool things.  Allow enough time to browse.  You can get perennials and mums here.  Ask for chicken feed and let the kids go find the chickens, which come in many colors and varieties.  They are really fun to watch and feed. This weekend is their Fall Festival from 9-5, so you will find lots of interesting craft vendors, music, and produce for sale. It will certainly put you in the mood for Fall.
Happening this weekend

So Many Varieties!
The last stop was at Spectacular Sculptures.  I have been here a few times before.  Every time I've visited, I see he's done more amazing work.  The entire place is the artist, Paul Bobrowitz's, home and yard, and each part is filled with metal pieces. I have a bird bath and sculpture in my own yard at home. You can browse for free. You may get lucky and find him at work. If you see something you'd like to take home, go knock on the door.  Donations are welcome and you'll see a box for those at the driveway.

Look for the sign and follow the arrows
Where are your favorite Fall destinations?  I'd like to hear.  
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