Saturday, July 30, 2016

Milwaukee Riverwalk in Summer- Beautiful!

Have you been to the Riverwalk lately?  This two mile walkway connects three Milwaukee neighborhoods and provides a great space to eat, people watch, learn more about the city, and enjoy the water.  It's worth a visit this summer when you are looking for a fun place to get a little fresh air and exercise.
You don't really need a destination.  Just find a spot near the river and follow the signs to see where it takes you.  You might decide to go on a boat ride or rent a kayak for different views of the city. There were plenty of people out enjoying it when we visited.
Tiles set in the concrete guide you

Directional signs guide you to other places in the city

One of the sightseeing boats going under a bridge

Rental kayaks are easy to find
Every year there is an artwalk project.  You can pick up a brochure along the walk or find it at the link, which maps out the sculptures and tells you a little bit about them. Look for the boxes attached to the walls. Here are three we saw. There are 20 pieces highlighted in the artwalk, done by local, regional, and national artists.
Gertie the duck and her ducklings

Cow and ballerina- This artist lived to be 101!
Dream with the Fishes

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