Thursday, July 28, 2016

Milwaukee Pools- So Refreshing

We've been to many of the pools and waterparks in Milwaukee, but decided to visit one on the west side at McCarty Park this week.  When it's hot and humid, the water is cool and refreshing.  McCarty Park has a large pool with a couple diving boards and a long slide with crazy bumps and curves. We loved it.

If you're a kid, like at all Milwaukee pools, you'll have to stay in the shallow side unless you take a swim test and get the secret password. At this pool, I thought they were hard on the kids because they were focused not so much on whether the kids could doggie paddle and stay afloat, but more on stroke technique. Few kids get swim lessons that focus on stroke technique. There were very few kids in the deep end using the diving boards because of this.  There were few chairs and shade umbrellas.  If you go, you can bring a folding chair or lay a blanket down on the concrete surrounding the pool, but with the heat, we spent all our time in the water, so it wasn't needed.

Here's a complete list of all the pools with admission, hours, and locations. Get out and try one of the pools to cool off before summer is over.

McCarty Park also has a great playground, and a lagoon for fishing. Go check out this beautiful park.

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