Wednesday, July 27, 2016

AWE Truck Studio in the Parks

Do you have young budding artists to entertain this summer?  There's still time to get over to a park where the truck studio provides direction, materials, and supervision. You can check their calendar to find out about local events and follow the truck. Or download the flyer that shows every park they will visit all summer long.

The truck sets up in a shady spot from 12-3 on weekdays and has evening events in August on single dates at Washington, Moody, and Kosciusko Parks. This is a free activity and is open to the whole family, though most activities are geared to school age children. Some of the parks have splash pads too, so bring a suit and cool off in the heat.

Here's an excerpt with more information: Join A.W.E. artists and make art in the parks this summer- for FREE! Projects are inspired by books and a daily theme. This is a great opportunity to be creative, try new techniques and have fun expressing your artistic point of view. While projects are designed for youth ages 4-14, anyone is welcome to come and make art with A.W.E.’s talented team of artists and art educators. Families are encouraged to attend and make art together! Programs run weekdays from 12-3pm at various Milwaukee County Park and Milwaukee Recreation sites.

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