Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hawthorn Glen Hiking, Wild Flowers, and Birds

Hawthorn Glen is a 23 acre park with mature tree growth near Wauwatosa. Known mostly as a neighborhood park and a nature center where Milwaukee Public Schools take field trips, Hawthorn Glen has a lot to offer in spring time.  The spring flowers are just starting to bloom, but the peak will likely be in about two more weeks.  This is also a birding spot.  I saw plenty of woodpeckers today.  There are well marked trails that tax the heart a bit because this is a multidimensional park, with access from above and below.  Do the entire circuit in about half an hour. Paths on the lower level are paved for strollers and wheelchairs.
A few wildflowers blooming

Read all the signs and learn more about the wildlife and park

One of the hiking trails through the woods

 At the top end of the park, you'll find a nice area with benches and a tic tac toe board. 
During summer when some playgrounds are too hot, you can come here and play in the shade on the climbing equipment or the tire swing. The nature center is open weekends or from 4-5 during the week.  Stop inside to see frogs, turtles and snakes.

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