Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Display at the Domes

Mondays are free for Milwaukee residents, so a friend and I went to the Domes to see the new Gingerbread Land exhibit.  It never disappoints.  Always warm, welcoming, and fragrant, the show dome changes several times a year.  If you're still looking for a place to do your Christmas photos, the showdome has a sea of poinsettias in many different shades and makes a good backdrop, not to mention the natural lighting since the roof is made of glass.

The enormous Christmas tree on display has a special story behind it.  My friend Melanie Ariens, a local artist, was married in Milwaukee in 1993 and tiny pines were wedding favors for the guests.  Melanie's mom took home 4 of these and planted them in their yard.  Last year one of the trees was cut for the county courthouse.  This year, another of the beautiful trees is here at the Mitchell Park Domes. Talk about a gift that kept on giving!  Happy Anniversary to Melanie and thanks very much to her parents for the gift of such a beautiful tree!
The huge Christmas tree was a wedding favor in 1993
There are also a couple of historic pieces which were in the county park greenhouse before the Domes were built.  Be sure to walk around the edges and take a look at the lion head and the beautiful wrought iron gate.  They included a photo of the original greenhouse.

 The other domes have holiday decorations as well, though not nearly as many as the show dome.  This exhibit continues through January 3.  There is a break of 2 weeks before the next exhibit, "Attack of the Giant Monsters Train Show" begins.  The train show is always a community favorite and I have no doubt that this one will entertain with its unique theme.

If you go to the Domes:
Admission is $7 for adults/ $5 for students.  Milwaukee residents are free until noon on Mondays with proof of residency (driver's license with a current address).  There are some vending machines in the lobby for snacks.  The gift shop has original nature themed gifts and is a good place to do your holiday shopping.

On Saturdays all winter long, go to the greenhouse at the Domes for the weekly Milwaukee County Farmer's Market. Admission to the market is free, but you will have to pay to gain entry to the Domes. You'll find many wonderful offerings such as coffee, pancakes, veggies, soaps, cheese, jams, and even entertainment. When the days are short, this is a great place to warm up.  Parking is available behind the greenhouses on Saturdays.
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