Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Villa Terrace Fall Gardens and a New Exhibit

I'm certain you've driven past that huge black iron gate near Bradford Beach and wondered what those gardens and home look like close up.  This is a great week to find out.  There's a new exhibit opening and the museum will be free to the public.  New Hanji- a Korean Paper Tradition begins October 9 at 6:00.  Get there as early as possible to take advantage of free admission and the light just before sunset.  Often the sky is at its best just before sunset which is 6:25 PM.  You'll sometimes see reflected light in the clouds over the lake and the view from the patio at the rear of the home is stunning with all the fall foliage.

Opening Reception
Friday, October 9, 6-9 PM
Free admission sponsored by Chris and Christopher Adams
Korean artists Haemija Kim and Kumgang Seunim will be there for the reception

Special events here are really done well.  I especially love to come for coffee and music at the cafe on weekends.  These are held the first Sunday of the month at their Cafe Sopra Mare. I have taken my son with me but it is a small space and unless your child can sit very still, it's probably more of an adult destination.

Even if you can't make it to the exhibit during the grand opening, this is worthy of the admission fee of $7, or only $5 for seniors and veterans. Get more information about tours and open hours at the website. You'll want some time to walk through the lovely  Renaissance Garden. It's kind of a hike up and down the staircase or hillside.  So much work is done here by volunteers who weed and tend the plants.  You can help do this too.  Ask while you are there.

There are outdoor yoga classes every Sunday at 8:30 AM through fall, weather permitting.  What a relaxing, beautiful setting this would be.

Be sure to take notice of the black and white stones in the entry, set in a mosaic pattern.  Those were collected from the beach by the children who lived here when it was being built.  Can you imagine how many trips that took?

You can't enter/exit from the lake side of the museum.  You'll need to find parking on the street at the building entrance on Terrace Avenue.
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