Tuesday, September 15, 2015

South Shore Park's New Pavilion Terrace

New terrace at South Shore Park

South Shore Park is one of the best places to visit on a Saturday morning due to the fantastic vibe of the farmer's market.  You can buy veggies, find breakfast or lunch, pet dogs, listen to some music, and enjoy the stunning views of the lake. The Farmer's market can be followed on Facebook and then you'll know about the musicians and vendors appearing every week.  Go hungry! The last Saturday will be October 10.
Fresh veggies- get your melons and tomatoes now

Have you had a crepe lately?  The line is long but worth it!

So many dogs to pet, so little time!

If you had gone in previous years during the week, it was much more subdued.  Now there is a beer garden featuring Miller/Coors products and a brand new pavilion terrace with lots of seating.  You can get pretzels and popcorn and take a seat around the fire pit with the family. If you need cash, look for the ATM machine by the bathrooms on the lower floor of the pavilion. You should really get over there to see it.  There isn't an estimated date that it plans to close, but you can watch the Milwaukee County Parks website and keep an eye on it.  I imagine it will be weather dependent.  For more photos and information, Molly Snyder did a great piece on it.  Open hours are Wed-Fri 4-10, and Saturday/Sunday 11-10.
A variety of beverages and snacks

Need cash?  Beer garden is cash only

Beautifully painted with lots of tables 

Of course South Shore Park has lots of added extras- one of the oldest trees in Wisconsin, a little free library, playground, sand pit and an exercise machine.  We enjoyed watching the sailboats and kite surfers on the lake as it was pretty breezy.  Parking can be a challenge as the lot is small and most people have to park on nearby streets. Take a look at these photos and make a plan to check out this Milwaukee gem!
Kitesurfers like the wind and protected water here

A great view of the city and the sailboats

The park is fun for the kids

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