Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Last Hurrah for Summer

We went to Bradford Beach today because I was determined to try out those sea kayaks before they got put away for the summer.  Wheel Fun Rentals has a kiosk at the north end of the beach, and the prices have been lowered compared to what was advertised on their webpage.  SUPs are $12, kayaks are $11, and double kayaks are $17. We took a double kayak out for about an hour and managed to get all the way to McKinley beach before we turned around.  It was a nice view with the big white stones along the shoreline.  We saw plenty of birds, the water tower, Villa Terrace, and people out enjoying the sunshine.  The rentals will be put away after next weekend (Labor Day), so if you want to try out a SUP or a kayak, this is the last week. You will get wet.  The waves come over the sides and through the bottom.  I'd leave anything you don't want to get wet on shore (like phones and cameras).  We saw a couple of brave ladies trying the SUPs and it's just not that easy with the wave action, but it was only a matter of time before they were up and down the shore.  If you don't have the confidence for Lake Michigan, go to Veterans Park and they have calmer water with SUPs and kayaks, as well as pedal boats.
We took out a double kayak

Look for the Wheel Fun Rental sign

You can stand up or sit down on the paddle board

There were not many people IN the water, but a lot of fun was being had on the beach.  It was all about togetherness.  We saw families carrying coolers, and building sand castles.  There were college and high school age young people playing games and daring each other to get in the water.   There were a few people just relaxing in the sand with music or books. Plenty of volleyball nets were in use. We made our way through snap chatting, instagramming, face booking fun seekers.

A group of guys was playing a game I hadn't seen before so we stopped to see how it was played and they graciously let Omar play with them briefly and then let me take a photo of them.  Some day they are going to look at that photo and think about how great they looked in the summer of 2015!
Learning to play spike ball

The entire spike ball team (Omar sneaked in too- thanks guys!)

Another set of young men were standing on the shore looking at the frigid water.  They told me they were all off to schools next week so they were enjoying the time they had left of summer. I coaxed them in the water for a photo, but they assured me IT WAS FREEZING!!!  I guess the lake just isn't going to warm up this summer.    
Don't they look like they are happy to be together?

We built our own sand castle and headed over to North Point Custard for fries and sundaes- kind of a summer ritual.  We found a group of three seated with a banana split in between them.  What better way to end the summer than with a beautiful tasty creation like that?
There were lots of rocks and beach glass to adorn the lump of sand we made
Eating a treat like that takes teamwork!

So what's on your list to do in the next week?  Make this summertime count.  Find some fun with friends and make a few memories. If you need a little help, scroll through the blog or check the county parks Facebook page
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