Tuesday, August 4, 2015

News from the Swing Park

Have you been to the swing park under the Holton Street bridge lately?  The surface under the swings used to be shredded tires, but now is sand, so if you're going to visit, you can bring your shovel and pail.  We had a great time there today swinging and playing in the sand.  If you have never been there and need an address, it's across from Trocadero at 1758 N. Water St.  There is parking on the street and also a small lot next to the park.  The road is currently under construction so it could be a bit messy.  There used to be a portable toilet here, but that is no longer here, so be prepared.

I had heard in June the huge "family swing" was repaired and put back in place.  Unfortunately it only lasted 3 days.  Really?!  Only 3 days?!  It's a shame that there are people intent on ruining what is good about Milwaukee.  It is doubtful that it will be replaced.  The swings are incredibly durable, but have to be used with some care.  If you go too high on some, you can bust your head open on the beams above.  Twisting the chains can cause you to be dizzy and break the chains.  Use some common sense and you'll have a good time.

This is the park where you can come for Bike-in Movie Night.  Follow the Facebook page to find out about movies.  They show one each month during the summer, and the selection for August is Robocop on August 21 at 8 PM.  A screen is set up in the corner for the event, and people sit on benches, or on the ground.  You can bring a blanket or chairs. Bring snacks or get some from many of the Brady Street restaurants. It's a fun night out.
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