Monday, August 17, 2015

Milwaukee has Family Friendly Beer Gardens in Parks

Estabrook Beer Garden has pretzels as big as your face
It's been a few months since I wrote about the Milwaukee area beer gardens opening for the summer, and sadly, we're down to the last weeks of the season. We visited beer gardens at Estabrook and Brown Deer Parks while we had visitors in August, and I can tell you it did not disappoint.  The Sprecher traveling beer gardens end September 7, but some of the others will run until the weather gets too cold to be outdoors.

There are still many folks out there who haven't had the beer garden experience yet.  It's just a great way to have some cool beverages and snacks in the outdoors.  Sometimes there's music. It gets you into some of the parks in a totally new way.  Then it's up to you to have fun.  It is family friendly. You don't have to drink alcohol to enjoy them.  The Sprecher's beer garden has all your favorite Sprecher's drinks, ice cream floats, and beer popcorn which are crowd favorites. Check the schedule of where you'll find them until they pack up for winter.  There are special 30th anniversary events being planned for August 28 and 29, which include a variety of musicians.
Have a soda and a pretzel with mustard or cheese

Go to the river and enjoy the view at Estabrook

Bring a soccer ball and make your own fun
Sodas and popcorn at the traveling beer garden

Bring your own frisbee for some active play

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