Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Day at the Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair is underway with one more week ahead.  I was there on Friday with a couple kids and found plenty to keep us busy without spending too much, though it was raining for part of the time so we didn't even get to the rides at Spin City.  We went with the State Fair app, which was helpful at times, though we didn't really ever find the wifi useable for the updates while we were there.  If you update it at home before you go, you'll still have maps and the schedules. Be sure to check the daily admission deal so you can save a few bucks.  Since I'm a military veteran, admission was only $7, and the kids got in for $6 each.  We parked in the main lot on the racetrack for $10.

Everyone has a favorite activity when they go to the fair.  I think it's worth a few minutes at least to walk through the exhibit halls to see the work many of our youth have put into projects over the year. I was hoping the kids would feel inspired or at least a little bit interested. They usually enjoy the performances anyway.   We also did the barns because the animals are clean, and where else can you see such a large variety all in one place? We sat at the dairy barn to listen to some interesting facts about Wisconsin's milk and cheese producing from Alice in Dairyland, while watching cows get milked.

The Discovery barnyard was one of the highlights because we could watch baby chicks hatch and see the baby animals up close.  There was a play section which included a store where kid shoppers could select groceries that my son loved.  It got us through a major rainstorm.  For the older kids, you could learn more about some games that involve buying and selling pigs and running a farm.
If you were patient, you were bound to see a new chick

Never a disappointment, the DNR's Natural Resources Park had some great displays and games for free. You could practice casting at the fishing clinic, do some birdwatching with binoculars, and create stuff with blocks at the camping area.  We spent nearly an hour playing in this section alone. They had a rubber flying disc giveaway for doing the scavenger hunt. Try out the bikes in front of state trails on a video monitor to try your fitness level. We picked up a free new calendar with beautiful photos of the Great Lakes and could have purchased the state parks pass as well. All the kids seemed to love the pretend camping section.
The fishing clinic

Anyone want coffee?
Of course, there are fair foods from the classic cream puff to whatever is new on a stick.  We had our fill of fair food- cheese curds, the fresh shaken lemonade, hot sandwiches, and of course a cream puff.  Our visitor from Denmark was very impressed by the whole construction of the cream puffs that you observe through the glass windows while standing in line. It moves very quickly.

There are so many shows.  We had a photo taken and met some characters at the Paw Patrol play area.  The kids spent a dollar to slide down the huge pig slide.  They also really enjoyed the show with the talented poodles.  The We Energies Park was a great place to see a show, look over the displays and see birds.  Naturally we had to take some goofy photos with our heads through plywood painted with movie characters.  We were worn out by the time we'd done the length of the park so we opted for the $4 sky glider and enjoyed the views.  We may go back again next week!
2 slides for a buck

These dogs could dance better than most people I know

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