Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Great New Updates to Atwater Park

Atwater Park and Beach have been one of my top 10 choices for Milwaukee area parks for a number of years...and I gotta say, they just keep making it better!  It's been on my blog for a number of "bests"- best sunrise, best photo shoot site, best stairs for exercise, best playground, best family friendly beach with lifeguards, and best views.  Up until recently, it was mostly just a spot for locals because people driving by have no idea what a treasure lies below the street level park.  Then it made it to trip advisor and it seems everyone knows about it.  Read the reviews and you'll see what I mean. I can't give this park enough 'LOVE'!

There's a brand new playground installed at the street level which is all abilities friendly and has a nautical theme.  The wood chips were replaced by the super cushy foam surface.  You'll find a ship mast, helm, and a footbridge as part of the structure. There are still slides, ladders, and monkey bars.  The system cost Shorewood about $100,000 to have built and it's been used heavily since it opened this week.

The beach below opens to the public June 13.  They have lifeguards, provided by Milwaukee County, who rotate in from other Milwaukee county park beaches. You can walk the stairs or use the ramp to reach the beach, where you'll also find a couple of colorful, durable, play objects and a short boardwalk.  The nice thing about these sturdy structures is that they are large enough for adults too, because face it...who doesn't love playing like a kid?!  Bring your sand pails and shovels so you can bury each other in the warm soft sand.  There is a partial boardwalk on the north end of the beach and the village just approved funding for an additional boardwalk on the south end, which will be great!

Play structures large enough for adults

Get here early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise.  Many people like to incorporate the statue into the sunrise photos. You'll likely find others doing yoga, running, or taking pictures of the view. Occasionally you may see kayakers, paddle boarders, and surfers. It's quite a job getting your equipment down to the beach, but not impossible. Restrooms and changing facilities are at the top of the bluff.  Right now the toilets are portable johns. Last year the building was open during the summer with running water.  Look for a water fountain at the street side of the sidewalk.

Check out the Shorewood Waters Project Facebook page or website for some inspiration about work being done to the park.  You'll find events and suggestions for ways you can keep the water and beach  clean. Educational signs have been placed at the bluff side with this type of information. Bluff plantings have been done over the past few years and now you can really see it's making a difference.  They did it to prevent erosion.  Though much of it appears to be garlic mustard, it's doing the trick.
These stairs are very popular for fitness buffs

For fireworks, parades, and community events, follow Shorewood's Facebook page.  It's one of the better pages with frequent updates about what's happening.  They tend to post information not found in the mainstream media.

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