Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Fun at Lake Park

The benches haven't seen many visitors lately
It seems like the cold temps are going to stick around for awhile, so why not get out and make the best of it?  Lake Park is beautiful with all this fresh snow.  You don't really need skis or snowshoes to get around the park, though you can strap them on and take to the golf course.  The Lake Park maintenance crew from Milwaukee County Parks are very good about cleaning the paved trails so you can easily walk along in just your shoes, if you prefer.
You won't need snowshoes, but it's good exercise if you choose

The ice rink is frozen.  Open skate is noon-8 daily.  You'll need to bring your own skates.  The rink is open for hockey from 8-10 PM.  The rink is lit. You can park on the street or near the tennis courts for easy access. Restrooms are available in the building beside the ice rink.  If you're unfamiliar with the park, check out this map and look for number 6.
The outdoor ice rink is open and cleared

You can hike down the ravine to the frozen waterfall, for a pretty sight.  Or maybe you want to check out the lions on the bridges near the lighthouse.  The lighthouse is closed for tours until mid March, but they are hosting a pirate party on March 19, that should be fun. This is a fundraiser celebrating the 150th birthday of Dan Seavey, a pirate of the Great Lakes.   If you know your birds, there are plenty of them coming to the feeders, which are stocked with food by volunteers and park friends.
The stairs to the waterfall may be snow-covered

The lions seem stoic in spite of snow 

The lighthouse can only be seen from the outside until mid March due to renovations

There are always ongoing activities at Lake Park hosted by Lake Park Friends.  Check out their calendar to see what's up.  Indoor yoga is relaxing every Tuesday at 7 AM.  This is held in the building which houses Lake Park Bistro.  Enter to the rear of the building or through the side door and go downstairs.  You'll stretch your body as you watch the sunrise over the lake.  Whatever you choose as your activity, it's bound to be fun.
Yoga every Tuesday with Edie Starrett

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