Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ice Skating in Milwaukee

Strap on some skates and enjoy the ice rinks
We've had some warmer weather so far this month which means the only game in town for skating currently is Red Arrow Park's Slice of Ice.  That's not a bad thing.  It's a large rink complete with skate sharpening services, lockers, snacks, and even warm beverages.  Rink access is FREE.  You can rent skates there or bring your own.  Unfortunately parking is always kind of a drag.  You have to pay no matter where you park, unless you're already working at a nearby downtown business and looking for a noon hour exercise session.

Here's the scoop on Slice of Ice, which was voted as Milwaukee's best place for skating.  It's a refrigerated rink, so even if temps are warmer, they can make ice.  It can be open through early March if weather holds out.  The ice is groomed regularly so the potential for falling in ruts is lower than on other outdoor rinks.  Cost to rent skates is $8 for adults and $7 for kids.  Skate sharpening is $6 per pair.
Skating is fun for all ages.  There are smaller barrels to help the youngest who are learning balance.

Get a warm beverage from Starbucks, whether you're skating or just watching.

Some of the decorated trees on display through early January

S'Mores Week  (December 26-Jan4) is a fun time to visit.  When you're done skating, buy a kit to make your very own s'mores over a small fire.  $3 will get you a single serving or $10 will serve 4 people.  Hours for this treat are 2-10 PM.

When the weather gets colder, there will be a number of additional rinks at local parks.  If it's on a lagoon, there has to be 6 inches of ice.  If it's a manmade rink, it just needs to stay cold enough to hold the ice frozen.  For a complete list of county park rinks, check out this link.

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