Monday, October 27, 2014

Must See Yards

Some people go to great lengths to decorate their yards for the benefit of the public.  I learned about a Bayview neighborhood that is all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas themed items and took a look at it today.  There are 5 homes in a row, and each has unique wooden cutouts.  It's quite a sight, just in time for Halloween.  And I've heard that even after Halloween, the decorations at one of the homes on the block will continue to tell the story that closely follows the movie, so stop by between now and Christmas to see what evolves.  Here are some photos.  Check out the Facebook link above to learn more about the project.  It's in the 2700 block of Logan in Bayview.

Since you're in the area, there are a couple other yards that are nearby parks and have been decorated over and above for the Halloween holiday.  The first yard I've written about before, and it's been mentioned in the book, Weird Wisconsin.  It's across from Sheridan Park and is well known for the Cadillac, Big Boy, Hamburglar, and Farmall tractor in the front yard.  There is so much more though.  Here's what it looks like now with some added ghouls and pumpkins.  It's at the corner of Lake Dr. and Armour in Cudahy.
The last yard is on the edge of the Grant Park golf course.  This is a great time to head out to Grant Park anyway to stretch your legs and do the Seven Bridges Hike while the leaves crunch underfoot.  When you go to the end of Grant Park and find the golf clubhouse, take a right and go to the first house.  The yard is decorated with hundreds of bike parts. These photos don't do it justice.  Everything is very creative and original.  Every time I go there I notice something new.

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