Thursday, October 23, 2014

Extra Perks of Boerner Botanical Garden Membership

Have you been to the Boerner Botanical Garden yet?  It's a lovely space with something colorful to see in all seasons.  It's actually free to get in now as it's the end of the season.  But I think you should have an annual membership, and I'll tell you why.

Members actually become friends of the botanical gardens.  It will cost you $35 for an individual or $65 for a family.  You'll feel good about supporting the local gardens, and you'll get 10% off in the gift shop and cafe.  You get to attend some events for free and receive discounts on classes.  But it doesn't end there.  You get reciprocal admission benefits to more than 300 gardens around the US, including nearby Mitchell Park Domes, Chicago Botanical Gardens, and Madison.  You can check the link for a complete listing.

I decided to see the Chicago Botanical Gardens this week.  Admission is always free, but you have to pay $25 for parking, so it saved me a bundle!  The pass is like a 'park for free' card. This is a huge park so if you decide to go, allow at least a couple of hours to see it all.  There is incredible diversity- everything from Victory Gardens to Japanese bonsai collections.  With every path you start, you'll find something to look at.  It's especially colorful in fall.  I'll just post a few of the many photos I took to whet your appetite, and hope that you make it there some day.  You won't be disappointed!

An enormous collection of gourds and pumpkins

Colorful cabbages and mums were placed throughout the park

Just one fine example of the bonsai collection- there are many others

My favorite space was the Japanese garden

Loved the waterfall surrounded by fall color

Interesting lilies in the pond in a variety of unusual colors

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