Monday, July 7, 2014

Doctors Park- the Northern Milwaukee Beach Park

We visited Doctors Park this week on a sunny Saturday.  This is usually the least crowded beach of the Milwaukee beaches.  There isn't a lifeguard here, no changing facilities other than a portable toilet at the beach level, and it takes quite a hike to get to the beach.  You are usually certain to find a place to spread out your towel and have access to the icy water of Lake Michigan, without seaweed.  This beach is not groomed, so you may have to do your own clean-up from things that wash ashore.

I was surprised to see someone had hauled a couple of kayaks down to the beach.  There are 3 ways to get there- one is paved so you could tow a hand trailer.  The other 2 involve stairs.  The kayaking is great once you get there, but you do have to be motivated.  There are plenty of flat stones, if you're the kind of kid who loves to skip rocks.  The sand is good for building.  It's a great beach.
Kayaking is good, but it's a chore to get the kayak down to the water

This is a park that is getting some much needed attention from the Doctors Park friends group.  They are raising money to replace trees, refurbish buildings, and plan community events.  The day we visited was the annual picnic and there were plenty of people up in the park.  The traveling Sprecher's beer garden truck was there, as well as live polka music and games for anyone willing to play.  We tried the cheesy popcorn, hot pretzel, and an ice cream float with Orange Dream Soda.  Yumm!
The Beer Garden travels through several parks this summer

Schedule for the Traveling Beer Garden
You get to keep the glass.  When you visit again, bring it and refill it for a discounted price
The playground is usually uncrowded.  There is a sand base so you can bring your pails and shovels.  The paths through the park are paved, so it's also a good place for bikes with training wheels, scooters, and skateboards, though it's a short pathway.  It helps to see a map of the park for the layout if you want to find the beach.  There aren't good signs to direct you.  The park is right next to the Schlitz Audubon property, which is accessible by beach.  Check it out when you need plenty of exercise.  It's especially beautiful in spring when filled with migrating birds, and in fall when the trees  turn color and you can find chestnuts have fallen to the ground.  There's something here for everyone.
Play area near the parking lot

These old benches used to offer a seat to a beautiful lake view, but now the trees are overgrown

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