Monday, June 23, 2014

The Swing Park- New & Improved!

NOTE:  There is newer information and more photos available for this park.  Click here to see them.

With all the rain we've had lately, I decided to stop by and see how the maintenance was coming on the Swing Park.  This is under Holton Street, and at the intersection of Water and Pearson Streets near Trocadero.  Some call it the Marsupial Bridge. I'm excited to report that a lot will be happening this week.

The marsupial bridge runs between Lakefront Brewery and Water Street near Trocadero

This is the only true all weather park we have where you can swing, hold flea markets, watch movies, and just hang out.  I've been there many times since it opened in 2012, as a project by a group called beintween.  If you've loved this park as much as I do, you can give them a shout out at their website and say thanks for their creativity.  I would imagine the concept will be copied in other cities as soon as people know about it.  The group has been moving on to other projects, including the Artery, so if you have time, check out the photo section at their website for more information about what they're up to.  It's all unique and very exciting!

The problem with the original swing park was that the chains for the tire swings used were considered unsafe long term, so the city stepped in and did some major work.  This week, the gravel is replaced with shredded tire material which is strangely soft, but does tend to get stuck in your sandals, so you may have to shake out your shoes before leaving so you don't take it all away with you.  The benches are new and have lighting features.  The city electricians are ready to put in some additional lighting now.  There is one bench swing- large enough to swing the whole family.  By the end of the week, we may see the new swings as well!!!  A very welcome addition has also been a couple of portable toilets.  
shredded tire fills the park now

Bike-in Movie Nights are held here under the bridge.  The best way to keep up with news about that series is to like the Facebook page.  They already showed Jurassic Park, but you can look forward to The Great Outdoors on July 18.  Then there are still more in the season line-up: Inglorious Bastards August 15, A double header with Pippi Longstocking and A League of Their Own September 19, and Tremors October 10. 

Don't forget that this park is accessible to the Beerline so you can easily bike, hike or walk to it.  Also just across the bridge you see in the photo above is Lakefront Brewery, where you can also see the famous Three Stooges fermenting tanks, as listed at Roadside America.  If you're this close and haven't done the brewery tour or seen the Three Stooges, it's well worth a look.  Experience some of the coolest Milwaukee has to offer.

UPDATE- THE SWINGS ARE NOW HANGING.  COME HAVE SOME FUN!  The new swings have heavy duty seat and chains.  They are fun for adults as well as kids.  Make this your next date night destination, as it is lit!

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