Monday, June 2, 2014

Foot Golf- a little bit of soccer on a golf course

We had a great time playing 9 holes of foot golf on Lincoln Park's golf course this weekend.  It costs $15 per person and you can bring your own soccer ball or rent one per person at $5 each.  Because there were 6 of us and we had younger kids, it took us about 2 hours.  We should really have done the entire 18 holes, because when you stop at 9, you're way on the other side of the course.  We rented a cart for about $10 and that kept the kids (ages 3 & 8) motivated to keep going.

Even if you've never played golf or soccer, you can learn to play foot golf.  Each player kicks the ball off a tee area that is marked with orange wedges.  You can normally see the orange flag that is your target, while you're standing at the tee.  It will have a number on it, and you go in numeric order.  There's a large hole/bucket where the flag is standing. A couple of holes were hidden in the trees so we had to scout it out with the golf cart first.  There's a par number for each of the holes just as in golf, but really only two of our players were even worried about keeping score, and both of them are soccer players.  The rest of us were just in it for the fun.  And the youngest two really just wanted to ride in the golf cart!

It can be a bit dangerous at times because you're sharing the golf course with golfers who are crossing paths with you.  It's easy for them to see a soccer ball coming at them, but it's more difficult for you to see a golf ball.  None of the golfers complained openly, but I can imagine a serious golfer would probably prefer to find another course on a Saturday afternoon, because I think it might get frustrating  with the mixed use of the course.

Omar teeing off while Landon tries to hijack the golf cart
There are 2 courses in Milwaukee county parks- Doyne and Lincoln Parks. In retrospect, we could have saved a lot of money and maybe had more fun if we had gone to Doyne.  It's supposed to be an easier course.  Lincoln Park was beautiful though.  The sun was shining.  Geese were coming from the river with their goslings.  Flowering trees were in full bloom.  I would imagine anyone could have some fun with the game.  Try it yourself soon!

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