Monday, November 25, 2013

The Rock Sports Complex for Snowboarding, Skiing & Tubing

It's the first day of real snow falling, and I'm sure everyone is already thinking about the winter ahead.  If we have snow, it's always a good idea to make the best of it.  If it sticks around, conditions might be good enough for skiing and snowboarding.  So dust off that equipment!

The Rock Sports Complex is the new name for what you may have known as Crystal Ridge, but it's much more than just a name change.  The new ownership has built new facilities, improved restrooms, rebuilt the chairlift, added new snow guns, and built terrain features.  The snow guns and towers make snow using the same type of equipment used by the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Snow guns cover the hill, which allow them to make a 3-4’ base in about a week.  They have already been making snow over the past week due to the frigid temperatures we're having.  

The complex offers all types of downhill snow sports. You will find traditional ski and snowboard runs, but there will be some interesting bumps and ramps added to make it more interesting for those who are ready for more challenges.  They have rental skis, boots, and snowboards.  A session pass is $30 or you can buy a season pass, which also allows you discounts and special offers for resorts in Colorado as well.

If you prefer to sit while you go down the hills, you will find 16 runs of family tubing with a magic carpet, which brings you back to the top for more efficient tubing fun. That sure beats dragging the tube back up by yourself.

If you want lessons for yourself or the kids, be sure to sign up for them by December 30.  For a fee, you can attend weekly sessions in the evenings, or take a weekend course. These are designed for first timers or beginners to snowboarding or skiing and run for 5 weeks. 

If you want to ski, but have kids that prefer tubing, sign them up for the Tubing Adventure club where they will enjoy the time on the hill with friends, have hot chocolate breaks, and be supervised. This is most appropriate for school age kids.

Even if you don't ski, snowboard, or tube, you can go to the Rock Complex for some free winter hiking. The Rock is very close to Whitnall Park, so you can access trails to the park.  Whatever your skill level, or interest, there is bound to be something for you at THE ROCK!
Here's a map from their website with the layout

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