Friday, November 15, 2013

Skateboarding in Milwaukee

I've been over to Estabrook Park lately enjoying the fall colors and watching salmon run, and it was hard not to notice how popular the skateboard park has become.  No matter what time of day you go on a weekend, there's a steady flow of skateboarders.  On weekday afternoons, there's also some activity.  It's great to see but then on the other hand, it's kind of sad that in spite of there being a demand for a skate park, and the battle for several years to have it made an official skate park, nothing has happened there.  I'm impressed that the people who use it have been keeping it up and building new ramps, rails, a pole jam,  and bringing in their own brooms to keep it clean.  It's really a self made project, and obviously very useable in the current state.  Still, I keep hope alive that someday it will be what they all dream of it being.  My son was amazed at the talent we've seen here lately.  He's bound and determined to figure out how to do what they do...I guess I'm in trouble now.

So tell me where are the skate parks?  Is it a dying concept?  Well, not really. West Allis has plans for a skate park that could be built at Radtke Park at 84th & National.  Although they thought it would be built this year, the bids came in more than double what they expected.  They had no alternative but to hold on to the plan and bid it out again, which I learned they are doing now.  The price tag?  Anywhere from $300,000-600,000 depending on who you ask.  Definitely not a cheap undertaking.  

 I saw a couple of small ramps at the north end of Kilbourn Reservoir Park that I assume are used by skateboarders and BMX bikes.  And there’s been some discussion about putting in a skate park at Milwaukee county's Humboldt Park.  If it is approved and built, you will find it near the wading pool at the southwest corner of the park.

I read about the nice skate park Oak Creek had, so I stopped over there this week to check it out.  It's a beautiful skate park with wooden structures at Abendschein Park, 1311 E. Drexel Ave., Oak Creek. If you're a skateboarder, maybe you want to visit it before the snow falls. 

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