Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Hikes

There is still plenty of color out there in the trees.  Why not go for a nice walk in the woods this weekend?  We were over at Brown Deer Park today and enjoyed the leaves underfoot, saw a deer, played on the playground, and then headed to the boathouse and bridge to take a look at the hundreds of geese.  Very pretty sight indeed!  I just love that old bridge in the photograph below.

So if you need a few tips on hiking, there's a great book of day hikes near Milwaukee, called Best Easy Day Hikes, which includes several of our parks.  Seven Bridges is in that book, over in Grant Park.  The nice thing about hiking at Seven Bridges is that you get the fall colors and the beach too.  I was there early last week and it was still quite green, but I'm thinking that by now, you'll see more color.  The ravine also didn't have a lot of water in it, but the hike is still pretty.  You can always do a loop if you feel ambitious- hike through Seven Bridges Trail to the beach, go right along the beach to the bathhouse and return via the Oak Leaf Trail back to the parking lot at Seven Bridges.  Grant Park has a pond near the golf course that you'd see on the way too.

Jacobus Park has a nature trail that is family friendly- under a mile long.  Hawthorn Glen is another place with a shorter trail that could be done with children.  Both of these places have playgrounds near the trail too.  Konkel Park in Greenfield has a nice nature trail with some bridges and marshland.  Fun for kids.

If you need to bring a stroller, pick any park along the Oak Leaf Trail.  You'll find plenty of paved trail through the parks.  The East Bank Trail starts at the new Rotary Arboretum and is less than a mile of paved trail also.

Why not choose a park with water features?  Lynden Sculpture Garden has a nice pond which was full of geese last weekend when we were there.  The grounds are well tended and there are many pieces of art everywhere you look.  There's a nice cottage garden that still had loads of blooms last week.  We had it all to ourselves.  Of course, there is a fee to enter.  Schlitz Audubon Center has hiking trails that lead down to the beach, and there's a fee to enter.

Kohl Park is another park with lots of trees and a pond if you choose the trail that goes to the right.  There are 2 choices from the fork, and you could easily do the entire park in about an hour.  

Wherever you go this weekend, I hope you enjoy the beauty of Fall!  Smell the leaves!  Look for wildlife!  Bring a camera and capture a few pics of your friends and family.

Grant Park Beach near Seven Bridges Trail

Lynden Sculpture Garden pond with geese
Brown Deer lagoon across from the boathouse

Brown Deer Park trees near playground- bury the kids and take a photo!

Be sure to look up too!

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