Thursday, August 1, 2013

Juneau Park- What a View!

View from Juneau Park overlooking Veteran's Park and the lakefront

 I was searching for a scenic geocache this week and found myself in Juneau Park at the statue of Solomon Juneau.  Part of the commentary about this particular spot was that it was such a beautiful place to see the lakefront.  I admit, I've driven by this park hundreds of times, but never stopped.  If you've done the same thing, I encourage you to park the car and take a short walk to the bluff, especially during this week.  The Milwaukee Air & Water Show is this weekend, and I saw aircraft flying near the lakefront doing practice runs, so you may get a sneak peek at what is to come.

I might also mention that if you're using your smartphone or gps device to find "juneau park", you're likely to end up at Alterra by the Lake.  This is a park that is split both on top and bottom of the bluff.

It isn't a large park, but it has a few features you should look for.  Of course, there's the prominent statue of Solomon Juneau, first white settler and first mayor of Milwaukee.  You can see a replica of his log cabin there too.  It's kind of crazy seeing a log cabin with highrise buildings in the background.

Solomon Juneau's log cabin home replica

Solomon Juneau statue

There's also a statue of Leif Ericson, explorer.  You can find both of these statues on the Milwaukee Statue Tour, another fun way to explore the city and get into the parks.  And you may come across a very tame deer.  I heard from people who live in the area that she's there frequently and isn't bothered by people while she's eating the bluff vegetation.  This is a great place for yoga or a picnic.  The bathrooms are clean and open.  Parking is by meter at the south end of the park, but free toward the north end.  This is also just up the street from Cathedral Square- another great destination, and within walking distance of the Art Museum and War Memorial, where you will find another statue on the tour, Abraham Lincoln.
Leif Ericson statue
urban deer

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