Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cool Off!

Summer heat is finally here and the humidity is high.  Do you have a local place you like to cool off?  We're checking out a different place each day this week.  Our favorite so far has been Schulz Aquatic Center at Lincoln Park.  If you go before noon with kids aged 7 and under, you get a deal on admission ($3.50 per person) and can use the pool all day.  The first 2 hours are in the shallow end of the pool (10am-noon), and then the rest of the pool is opened to the public at noon.  This might be a good chance to borrow a kid if you really want to cool off!  The older kids LOVE the slides there.  You have a choice of using a tube or sliding down on your own.  There is only one innertube for double riders...last year there were a few more, so that was disappointing for parent who want to ride down with younger kids.  You have to hang out and wait for the tube if you are desperate to ride double.

JSOnline did such a good job at listing absolutely every cooling off place, that I'll just put the link here so you can find some options in your neighborhood.  Hope you survive the summer heat!!!
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