Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bookworm Gardens Day Trip

Bookworm Gardens is in Sheboygan, WI.  A friend of mine who is great with children told me that I had to go check this place out, and finally I did.  I will try not to gush too much about it, but I have to say it goes very high on my list of "OHMYGOSHWHATAFANTASTICPLACE!!!! "

Each little piece of the garden is right out of a book
If you like botanical gardens and enjoy reading children's books, this will please you on so many levels.  It is 2 lovely acres of wooded gardens with plenty of shade, picnic tables, and even a bridge over water filled with colorful fish.  There is no formal entry fee, but the recommended donation per person is $5, and they have donation boxes in several locations.  They do this so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy it.

Visitor hours are May 1-October 31, Monday - Saturday 10-4 PM, Sunday 12-4 PM
Tuesday and Thursday evenings open until 8 PM from June 15-August 31.

There are pathways through the garden that lead you to different book areas.  You can pick up a laminated children's book from a little book box, and sit in the shade and read it to your child (or just yourself), and then explore the garden space where it is located.  There are dress-up opportunities, pretend tea parties, and even toys and stuffed animals.  The gift shop has bathrooms, air conditioning, water fountains, and a wide selection of children's books and rocking chairs too.

I took my son and grandson.  They climbed into the wagon (Little House on the Prairie), hid in Pooh's treehouse, checked out Farmer MacGregor's shed (Peter Rabbit), and raked the garden and served tea at the Japanese house.  I think the favorite place was the bridge where you get an up close view of koi and other varieties of fish.

If you're interested in plant identification, there are also plenty of plaques telling you the species or variety of plants used throughout the garden.  You don't really need a child to enjoy this lovely space!

Books can be found in these little book boxes throughout the park

Landscaping is spectacular and was done with donations

There are lots of hints about what book is being presented

Jack and the Beanstalk

Gift shop has a relaxing reading room

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