Thursday, June 27, 2013

Old World Wisconsin- Day trip!

An old barn, one of many historic buildings
 I'll try not to gush too much about this wonderful place, but it is one of my favorite day trips from Milwaukee.  Located in Eagle, WI, it's open May through October and is living history for the early settlers and immigrants who came to Wisconsin.  Old World Wisconsin schedules special events throughout the season.  We were recently there for the midsummer celebration that was focused on Scandinavian dancing, eating, and music.

Admission is kind of hefty at $16 per adult, and $9 per child, but there is plenty to see.  If you are active duty military, you can get in free and bring your family.  We were there for 5 hours and only covered about half of the buildings.  At each place, they often have people in costume acting out what might have been done in the past.  We saw cooking, wood splitting, a blacksmith, and had fun in a schoolhouse with a teacher.  You will also see sheep, pigs, turkeys, horses, and chickens.

This is the ultimate picnic location.  You can easily spread out a blanket under a shade tree (it is set in the Kettle Moraine Forest) or find a picnic table.  Although the grounds are rather large, you won't have to do much walking.  Check out the interactive map on the website.  I think one of the guides said it is about 2-3 miles long, but they have a tram service that takes you between areas, if you choose not to walk.  I brought along a stroller too, which fit nicely on top of the cargo platform attached to the tram.  There is a restaurant in the barn near the entrance, which we used for the air conditioning, modern toilets, and ice cream bars.  You have to access it from the rear of the building, where they also have patio seating.

If you enjoy gardens, go later in the summer for the heirloom gardens.  They do have some flowers blooming near the front of the grounds, but the accurately planted vegetable gardens are still pretty small.  And for fall foliage, this place would be absolutely beautiful.  And I haven't mentioned yet how good it smells here.  There are so many pines, flowers, and plants that the air is super fresh.  Go see for yourself.  Enjoy my photos until then.

spinning wool
Blacksmith making S hangers

Knitting a purse

Sheep newly shorn

Curious pig

Baby pigs too

Summer flowers in bloom

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