Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cass Park- very artsy

I first read about Cass Street Park in "Oddball Wisconsin", a book about strange places one can visit in Wisconsin.  It's more of an art park, than a playground, but it does have swings, a set of play structures, basketball courts, and a couple of tennis courts.  It's in the Brady Street Neighborhood, so it fits right in with the character of the neighborhood.  I highly recommend stopping by and taking a look at these beautiful fiberglass structures that are so colorful and delightful.  This is a park that was dedicated while John Norquist was mayor, and there's a plaque that says a time capsule was buried at the park opening, to be dug up in 2098.  Unfortunately the play equipment has been broken in some places, and the park in general needs some maintenance, but you can still enjoy it on a sunny Milwaukee day.  It's at the corner of Pleasant and Cass streets.

All of the artwork was done by  Wisconsin artist Marina Lee.  She received a Mayor's award for the work in this park, which was a revitalization effort.  The playground is used by the school and the boys & girls club which are directly across the street.
A cat resembling the" Alice in Wonderland" Cheshire cat greets newcomers

creature clad light pole!

This bright colored 12 feet high bird looks down to say hello

The whimsical dragon also functions as a climbing structure 18 feet long and 6 feet high!

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