Friday, May 10, 2013

Helios Mullti-gyms added to Parks

Maybe you've driven by the park in your neighborhood and seen some new workout equipment.  The county has been adding some helios multi gyms.  These are great because you can be outdoors and still work some major muscle groups.  Here's the latest update of where they have been installed below, or go to the Milwaukee County park link.
For a video that gives you more information about how it's used, go to helios youtube

Work out all of your major muscle groups at exercise stations built into the multigym structure:

•    45
° back-extension bench
•    Abdominal-crunch/sit-up bench
•    Chin-up bar (with chin assist function)
•    Calf-raise platform
•    Triceps-dip station (with dip-assist function)
•    Elevated push-up platform
•    Cardio thigh-squat station

Your body weight adds resistance to your exercises.
Fitness Center at Doctor's Park

  1. Cannon Park, 303 N 95 St, east of the wading pool
  2. Doctors Park, 1870 E Fox Lane,
  3. Humboldt Park, 3000 S Howell Ave, between the baseball diamond and the pavilion
  4. Jackson Park, 3500 W Forest Home Ave
  5. Johnsons Park, 1919 W Fond du Lac Ave, off of 19 St & Brown St
  6. King Park, 1531 W Vliet St, southeast of the community center
  7. The Lakefront/McKinley Park, 2300 N Lincoln Memorial Drive, near the Northpoint Snack Bar
  8. Lincoln Park, 1301 W Hampton Ave
  9. McCarty Park, 8214 W Cleveland Ave, southeast of the wading pool
  10. Mitchell Park, 524 S Layton Blvd, northwest of the wading pool
  11. Scout Lake Park, 5902 W Loomis Rd
  12. South Shore Park, 2900 S Shore Drive, northeast of the tot lot
  13. Washington Park, 1859 N 40 St, west of the Senior Center
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