Friday, May 3, 2013

Doctor's Park- Great Nature and Bird Life

One of the ravines through the woods.  Some nice trails here too.

This morning I was recovering from the 82 degree days we just had and had to adapt back to 50s with hat and mittens.  At least I could count on some sunshine at Doctor's Park.  This is a great place for nature lovers.  It has beach, woods, wildlife, and for those just looking for a playground, there's one of those here too.

Lake Michigan had some wave action today at the beach
If you're doing the Oak Leaf Discovery Passport, there is a box with the secret word at the restrooms at the top of the bluff.  Look for this box.

Like many of the other parks in our area, there is an active Friends' group for Doctor's Park.  They have some big plans for the park and have been conducting listening sessions.  To keep up with them, you might like their Facebook page.

When I did the previous blog on birding, I neglected to add Doctor's Park Bird Walk to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day, which will be May 11at 8 am.  You can meet in the parking lot with field guide and binoculars if you have them.  People of all experience levels are welcome.  This will indeed be a great place to see birds.  I share with you some photos I took today to show you a few of the varieties I saw.  There were actually clouds of birds flying overhead making sweet music and filling the trees.  What surprised me was that there were so many varieties flying together. You can get out your bird guides now and identify them.

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