Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rock Climbing Wall at Urban Ecology Center, Riverside Park

Two youngsters suited up and ready to climb with Mike & Patrick, who work at the Urban Ecology Center

The Rock Climbing Wall at Urban Ecology Center
We use the Oak Leaf trail frequently to get from our house to the downtown, and every time we pass the Urban Ecology Center at Riverside park,  my son wants to stop and use the rock climbing wall.  Sunday was the first time we were actually able to do this and he was so excited!  They have a team of real professionals helping kids and adults who want to climb.  While the weather is warmer, there are  open climb sessions for children $10 non-member/$8 members and $12/10 for adults on Sunday afternoons from 2-4 pm.  You can climb as many times as you are able and there is availability.  If you get lucky and you're the only one there, you can wear yourself out.  Sometimes you may need to join a long line.

I was so impressed with the skill and patience of the guys working the wall.  They assist in putting gear on the climbers, which includes a helmet and harness.  Everyone gets a safety lesson.  Then they give you tips for how to make it further than the first brick on the wall.  They act as a grounding point for the climbers, as your rope is their rope, so even if you let go, you will float freely, or can come safely back down to the ground.  I thought it was a great place for beginners.
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