Saturday, April 13, 2013

Raging River

Here's a short clip that my husband made today while we checked out the river at Estabrook Park.  Usually at this time of year, you'll see a lot of fishing happening at this point, but today there was just one person fishing off the new boardwalk.  The water levels are very high and it's unsafe to get into the water.  The conditions were the same at Kletzsch park.  The waterfall that is usually quite evident was almost unnoticeable, and the island of trees nearby was completely submerged. Backyards that run along the park are starting to take on water.  Not a soul with a fishing rod could be seen.

That doesn't mean there won't be fishing this spring.  We have to be patient with the weather and see how things go.  With more rain in the forecast, I'm not sure when we'll see fish jumping at Estabrook park.  Sometimes, that's a real treat if you have younger kids.  Today was the day for free fishing clinics for kids at local parks, but the weather is quite cold, so I'm not sure how many people participated.  If you did, let me know how it went.

For more information about where you can fish, check out the Milwaukee parks page.  From here you can see where you are allowed to fish and what type of fish were recently stocked.  You will need a fishing license if you are age 16 or older.

OnMilwaukee did a piece on fishing last year in springtime, and it's interesting to read for what the "normal conditions" will bring as far as fish.  They give you some sweet spots where to fish and an accurate description of the fish you will likely catch.  You might check these spots when the water recedes a bit more.  You might also follow the fishing reports page, which is updated by fishermen with the bodies of water where they are catching fish.  There aren't many from our region even listed at this point.
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