Sunday, April 28, 2013

Koi and a Very Cool Tree Fort at Estabrook Park Lagoon

Looking for an excursion that will impress your kids?  It's not far from home!  Estabrook park has a lagoon with a lot going on.  It's the only place in the parks (that I'm aware of) with a large koi fish population. Koi are really nothing other than domesticated carp and resemble goldfish but on a much larger scale.  I do wonder how they got there.  The lagoon is directly across from the dog exercise area, and there's a bench so you can watch the kids explore or bring a lunch and enjoy the view.

This is a good place to bring a pole and do a little fishing. There were some young men fishing there today and one caught a trout.  To see where else you can fish in Milwaukee parks and which are stocked, go to the fishing link.

You will see birds here, even if you're not really looking.  We saw a goose, a pair of mallard ducks, some red winged black birds and plenty of smaller song birds.

Right now the spring flowers are blooming on the left side of the lagoon.  If you go over to that side to admire the view, there's a trail to the left that heads into the wooded area, which will take you out to Wilson at Diversey Blvd.  Wander in just a short distance, and you will see this enormous tree that has been made into a tree fort.  What kid wouldn't enjoy crawling inside?  I was impressed by the work that someone has done to build it.  I think this place is worthy of a visit.  Hope you find time to make it there soon!
spring flowers blooming
There must be hundreds of koi fish in the lagoon

Tree house in the woods near the lagoon

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