Friday, April 12, 2013

Bradford Beach Opens May 18

I know with all the cold weather and rain, Bradford Beach is probably not even on your radar yet, but it has been in the news lately.  It's great that so much money, time, and effort has gone into making it a #1 summer destination for Milwaukee beachgoers.  I remember the years when it was empty and full of stinky seaweed that washed ashore.  Now they keep it clean, provide lifeguards, and offer a full range of amenities.

First off, it's sad that when it rains a lot, the Milwaukee Metro Sewer District is still dumping waste into Lake Michigan.  It doesn't make me want to get into the water, however,  I know the alternative is to have flooded basements, but it is still a disgrace that a top notch city like Milwaukee can't manage the runoff a better way.  If you want more information about this, just check out the facebook page for WTMJ and look at the comments from Wednesday when they asked people what they thought about the subject.  There will be swimming this summer and lifeguards will be on duty starting June 11.  The water is tested regularly and you can check the quality at a Wisconsin water quality website.  It has many beaches listed here, so you can look at whatever your beach destination might be.

But aside from the water problems, the sandy beach is nice and the facilities are being upgraded more each season.  Bradford Beach has a great webpage that lists all of its services and an event calendar.  This year, there will still be an emphasis on beach volleyball.  You can join a league if you have the time and energy.  Registration opened in March, but the deadline for final registrations is May 22 at 5 pm.  There is a 10% discount for those who register by April 29.  This year they added Jr. Volleyball for kids aged 11-19.  They are even planning to host the US Junior Beach Volleyball National Championships July 26-28.  It would be great to have some local competition.

There will still be the usual offerings for cabanas, music, and drink, but they are kicking it up a notch.  You can now join a yoga class or get a massage.  Be sure to check out the Bradford Beach Jam website for all the details about the new and improved services.  Not everything is updated yet, but soon the live webcam should be up and running.  The concert series will be loaded when the bands are booked.  It's going to be a busy summer with lots of activities lined up for us!  For the Summer Beach Guide at Bradford, click this link.

And for more information about additional beach sites, as well as the rules for the beaches in Milwaukee, go to the Milwaukee County parks website.
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