Friday, March 22, 2013

Currie Park Indoor Golf or Outdoor Sledding

Last year at this time, golf courses were already in use.  This year, all the courses are still snow covered, but that doesn't mean you can't start working on your golf game.  Currie Park in Wauwatosa has an indoor golf dome, open every day from 8 am-10 pm.  The rates vary depending on how long you're there and what day of the week.  You can buy a discount card for multiple visits too.  You might also check out the updated website for Milwaukee County's 15 golf courses.  It's brand new and includes photos, directions, and a list of all the courses.  You can even book tee times from the website.  Very nice!  Of course, it may be awhile before you can actually use a golf course, but for now, golf indoors.

Currie Park Golf Dome

This is going to be one of the BEST WEEKS all winter for sledding!!!  I was out sledding with my son at Kletzsch Park today and was impressed with the snow.  There's a hard layer covered by powder, and that's similar to what I saw at other parks as well.  If you love sledding, check out the sled hill at Currie Park.  It tends to be busy on the weekends.  If you have very young children, there are some smaller hills at the side of the parking lot that could be used to tow them up and down.   And if you need other options, be sure to check out this listing of sled hills in Milwaukee County parks.  You might notice that Kletzsch Park isn't listed on the county parks listing, and I'm not sure why.  The hill is just past the archery area, and you can see the snow is on the north side of the hill.

Another interesting fact about Currie Park is that it used to be an airport from 1919-1926!  You can read more about the history on the historic marker right next to the golf dome, or at this link from OnMilwaukee.

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