Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shorewood Nature Preserve

This is a difficult "park" to find.  As you enter Shorewood from the Milwaukee border on Lake Dr., you'll find a wooden sign with Nature Preserve on it.  This is just a somewhat steep trail down to the beach.  It feels a lot steeper coming back up!

This is a great place for birdwatching currently.  Since hurricane Sandy, Chicago lowered the water level in Lake Michigan and there are hundreds of exposed rocks, making good perches for water fowl.  When we were there we saw geese, sea gulls, and ducks.  Unfortunately there can be quite a smell here too, so be prepared.

It's a great place for beach photos if you're looking for a last minute snapshot for your holiday cards- plenty of driftwood, larger rocks, and tiny sea shells.  My son likes to come here and throw rocks into the lake.
trail to beach

Plenty of birds beyond the beach, but the smelly stuff you see in the foreground can be a deterrent

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