Thursday, December 20, 2012

Schlitz Audubon Center

The national weather service is promising snow...a lot of snow!  And because I love snow (well at least the first heavy snowfall anyway), I'm already dreaming of all the fun we're going to have in it!  We enjoy snowshoeing and sledding, so the best place we've found is the Schlitz Audubon Center at 1111 E Brown Deer Road.  This is right along Lake Michigan so you have a great view of the lake and plenty of open space.

You'll have to pay to use their 6 miles or so of trails, but it will be well worth it.  It costs $6 for adults and $4 for kids.  There is also nearby Doctor's Park where the terrain is very similar, but they lack the warm building and restrooms that you get at Schlitz.

Sometimes there is a gate attendant and you pay from your car as you drive in.  Other times, you have to go indoors to pay.  The building has a number of displays about wildlife, and often you can go there for specific talks on raptors, or even join a yoga session.  What we usually do is pack up our sled and snow shoes and take a lunch along.  When you've had enough fun in the snow, you can go indoors by a roaring fireplace and enjoy your thermos of hot chocolate and eat something.

If you're new to winter sports, and looking for gear, I found most of what we have on Sierra Trading Post.  This time of year, especially, they run big sales where you can save even up to 30% off the already discounted prices.  I probably never would have tried snowshoeing if I hadn't found such a deal on these I own now.  Be sure to google a coupon code before you make a purchase.  As far as sleds, we got ours at the local Ace Hardware for a reasonable price.  It's heavy duty and has lasted for several winters already.

So if the weatherman is right, we'll all be out in it by Friday.  Enjoy the snow and get outdoors!
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