Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lake Park has it all!

Most people see this from Lake Drive- 89 steps
or something like it!  Lake Park Bistro at the top

It's no surprise to me that Lake Park was just awarded 'best public park 2012' in the Best of Milwaukee contest.  It has everything one would want in a park, plus location, location, location!  This is a county park and is run by the Milwaukee county parks system, so you can find it on their webpage Milwaukee County Parks.  There's a nice map at Milwaukee County parks website too.  It's a large park with a lot of spaces that don't necessarily connect without some knowledge of how to get around.  For example, there are 3 parking areas, but you can't actually drive through the park from one to another because of a large ravine in the center that is navigated by bridges.
This waterfall is a popular place for photographers

Some major work has recently gone into the play space and there are 2 playsets geared towards different age groups in one location, right next to the tennis courts.  It has that wonderful new gummy padding under it, so you won't drag home bark or sand from a nice playdate.  This is a great place to bring a scooter or trike too as the trails are paved and even the youngest could ride through a smaller portion of the park.
great new play space

tennis courts in great shape

You used to be able to grill at this park and it was always crowded in the summertime by people having picnics, but I noticed when I was there recently, the grills are gone as are the hot coal bins.  Not sure if those will be replaced next summer.  There are plenty of picnic tables and places to throw down a blanket.

This is a beloved park, thus it has a friends of the park group.  You should always check their website for current events, because they tend to plan some pretty fun stuff here.  Just this month, I see bird counting, yoga, and a duck watch.  Don't miss the summer concerts.  There's even a stage you can rent to put on your very own production.

This park is also on the Oak Leaf Discovery Trail, a program run by the Park People of Milwaukee County.  They had a passport program last summer that included stops at various parks along the route.  It's a good way to get some exercise and visit multiple parks.

There is an 18 hole public golf course here where you can "get your golf on" for very cheap.  This is a par 3 course to teach your kids about the game.  It is self pay and you can get more information at the golfers website for Milwaukee County.

There are lawn bowling groups that meet here.  For more information about bowling or to join a group, check out their Lake park Lawn Bowls Club website.

Whew!  This park has so much to offer.  Go hike it or take a look at the lake from the bluff.  Now that the trees are barren of leaves, it's a great view!
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